Luvs: Haircut

When you skip the barber and go straight for the bowl cut, you’re an experienced parent. By their second kid, every parent is an expert, and more likely to choose Luvs than first time parents. 

Walmart: Brand Purpose

Parents don't save money for themselves. They save to make a better life for their littles. Walmart is proud to help all kinds of families save more so they can provide more good times for their kids. 

Walmart: Back to School

Walmart thinks every kid should walk into school with the same swagger as a hero – Determined. Focused. And never looking back. That’s why Walmart has everything kids want and need to go back to school prepared and geared up for anything they may face. So they have the confidence to own the new school year like a hero.

Tide: Bradshaw Stain

During Super Bowl 51, the world saw a BBQ sauce stain on Terry Bradshaw's shirt. It felt like live TV, but it was really the first part of an elaborate advertising program. Tens of thousands immediately took to social media to participate in the conversation around the spill. As the internet buzz hit its peak, Tide claimed the stain—and showed the world how to get it out.

Tecate: Beer Wall

2016 marked a year in American politics that no one could have predicted. Real estate tycoon Donald Trump was running for president, fervently proclaiming his intention to build a wall – a great, great wall – on the southern border of the United States as part of his campaign rhetoric.

This opened up a unique opportunity for Tecate, a Mexican beer brand aiming to expand beyond its Hispanic bi-cultural market to a general audience, to insert itself into the conversation – with tongue firmly in beer-filled cheek, of course. And since Tecate hails from an eponymous town that literally straddles the U.S. – Mexico border, it made perfect sense to propose a wall of a different kind.

Behold the Tecate Beer Wall – a wall perfectly sized to unite people over beer instead of dividing them. And judging by the reaction on social media, that’s a wall thousands of people would be quite willing to pay for. 



The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, a New York-based youth development organization that has been centrally involved in the efforts to reform the NYPD’s “Stop & Frisk” police policies, has launched a provocative new campaign today to raise awareness of “The